Make better decisions, faster.

You make hard tradeoffs in complex areas, and spend weeks in meetings, yet still struggle to deliver.
Nemo lets you create always-updated diagrams and table views of everything you need to consider.
Spend less time in meetings and get better results.

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Map your business.

Visual insights into the relationships between the different parts of your plan, organization, and team.

Connect the dots, in the right format for every audience - diagrams, tables, trees, and more. Your team sees your thinking, not just a to-do list.

Before and After: Quarterly Planning
Without Nemo
Spreadsheet overload
Redoing all your work, repeatedly, as everyone else changes theirs
Copy+pasting across tools, causing errors + omissions
Keeping the important stuff (goals, dependencies, etc.) in your head
With Nemo
Link all the critical docs and spreadsheets with clear relationships
Changes show up in every view, either from Nemo or external systems
Sync data directly between Nemo and systems of record
See everything in helpful visuals and pivot tables

Make better decisions faster.

See dependencies, relationships, and impacts across your systems like never before.

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Save time and get better results with the tools you already use.

    • Nemo helps us rationalize our thinking about our product process in a way that no other tool could. It's like Airtable for getting insight from different entities in the business.

    • I ended up actually reworking all of our Jira project based on the dumpster fire Nemo revealed it to be.

      Brandon C., Product Manager
    • I really like adding references and labels - that's the edge over something like Whimsical.

    • You're helping people work around the planning problems every company has.

    • It's already valuable, and it looks spectacular. My company has an immediate use case for this.

    • It's badass. My team's using it to use it to model customer profiles and strategy.