Trello integration

Import from Trello

Nemo supports importing cards from Trello.

Nemo creates one node for each card you import, and uses the card title from Trello for the node text, but that’s not all importing does!

  • Nemo adds category options for each list the imported cards were on, so you can organize things in Nemo like you do in Trello.
  • We also import any labels from Trello into Nemo, and even match the label colors.
  • If you linked cards in Trello using the attachments feature, we’ll create corresponding edges in Nemo so you can easily see those relationships.

You can tell that a Nemo node is associated with a specific Trello card because the node will have the Trello logo on it. Click the logo to access the linked issue in Trello.

Using the integration

See Managing integrations for instructions on how to set up and use the integration.


Nemo uses Trello’s official OAuth2 secure authentication.

Nemo does not store the description, comments, attachments or other Trello content not directly referenced above.