AI Chat

AI Chat

Nemo’s AI Chat makes it faster to create maps, and easier to use the map to drive alignment.

To use it, just click the Chat button in the upper right of the screen.

Location of the AI Chat button in Nemo

Import images

Have diagrams in other software, or on your physical whiteboard? Nemo’s AI Chat can turn that image into an interactive Nemo map in seconds. Just drop the screenshot file into the chat window.

Import documents

AI Chat can parse text into a graph structure that you can then visualize, edit, and present.

This can be a huge timesaver when you already have a strategy document, product 1-pager, customer success plan, engineering proposal, or any other longform document. Instead of manually translating the doc into Nemo to connect it with other important concepts, import lets you quickly bootstrap your map.

Just paste your doc into the chat window, and AI Chat will do the rest.

Make edits

Want to add or change something about your map? Just ask AI chat.

AI Chat can modify your graph in a variety of ways: adding and removing nodes, edges, and labels, and undoing or redoing actions.

Answer questions

AI Chat can answer questions about the knowledge represented in your map - just ask your question.

Get suggestions

Feeling stuck? Ask AI Chat for potential next steps, additions to your map, or possible mistakes to get going again.