September 25, 2023

Opportunity solution trees with Nemo

Ben Echols
CEO & Co-Founder

What are opportunity solution trees?

Opportunity solution trees (OSTs) are a powerful, visual way to keep teams and stakeholders focused on outcomes during product development. Developed by Teresa Torres, OSTs distinguish several fundamental concepts product managers have to integrate:

  1. your organization’s goals (desired outcomes)
  2. user pain points (opportunities)
  3. potential features (solutions)
  4. quick ways to test your assumptions (experiments)

Opportunity Solution Tree diagram

Teresa’s blog post does a great job explaining the common problems OSTs help you avoid: rushing into implementation, not thinking broadly enough, building features that don’t serve your goals, and more.

Nemo lets you do more with opportunity solution trees

You can create an OST with any whiteboarding app, but only Nemo helps you work through common challenges:

“I need to show how much evidence we have for each solution in the OST”

Without Nemo: Manually color code or tag

With Nemo: See the actual interviews validating each element, or hide them when you don’t need them. This same approach works for linking to customer journey maps, distinct moments, and any other context you need.

Collapse and expand nodes in an OST

“I need to dig into the details supporting the OST”

Without Nemo: Separately search for notes and supporting evidence

With Nemo: Include links in your OST directly to source documents

Link to outside sites from an OST

“I need to show progress on delivering against the OST”

Without Nemo: Manually update statuses

With Nemo: Imported issues auto-update in your OST

Issue status in an OST

Try it yourself

Nemo’s totally free to use, and we have a template to quickly get started with OSTs:

  1. Sign in to Nemo.
  2. Hit Command/Windows+K to open the command palette
  3. Type ‘template’ and hit enter to choose a template.
  4. Type ‘opportunity’ and hit enter to insert the OST template.

We’d love to hear how we can make Nemo even better for opportunity solution mapping, or work directly with you to build your own!

Opportunity Solution Tree diagram in Nemo

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