October 9, 2023

See the bigger picture with Jira + Nemo

Ben Echols
CEO & Co-Founder

Nemo’s mission is helping teams get to better decisions, faster. For many software teams, Jira is a key part of the toolchain - whether they love it or hate it!

Lots of tools offer Jira integration, but we’ve made several unique choices with Nemo to give you a fundamentally better way to work through dependencies, align all the different stakeholders you need to, and keep Jira updated without bothering your team.

See and use relationships

Issues are usually connected - especially the important ones. Nemo lets you actually see issue links so dependencies and blockers are easy to find. You can import them from Jira, or create issue links right in Nemo.

Jira issues and their links in a diagram

Spreadsheets and lists break down when things get complicated. Nemo layouts let you see the big picture, without manually positioning all the pieces.

Nodes arranged in a dependency tree

Get the view you need

Update your diagram based on Jira attributes

Sometimes it’s helpful to see the details of teams, or projects, or whatever. Sometimes it’s not. Instead of manually creating static views, Nemo makes it easy to simplify and update your diagrams based on Jira labels, statuses, and more.

Nemo diagram with labels collapsed

Pivot tables of your issues

We often hear versions of “I think in tables and my boss thinks in diagrams”. With Nemo, you get both views that stay in perfect sync, so you can always have a productive discussion.

“I could never make Jira do what I want, and I realized I could make the Kanban view I always wanted in Nemo” - Matt Cullum, Director of Engineering

Pivot table of Jira issues

Adapt to changes

Live import

How many times have you created a great visual that really helped get people aligned, and then had to massively update it a month later (or start from scratch) after lots of changes? Only Nemo can automatically update your diagrams with relevant new Jira issues as they get created.

Nemo live import tab

Controlled sync back to Jira

Stuff nobody says: “I wish I got more Jira edit notifications”. Unlike other tools, Nemo makes it safe to experiment and figure things ou with real data, and only push changes back to Jira when you’re ready. No notification spam for your team.

Confirmation modal for syncing changes from Nemo to Jira

Try it now

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Use the full integration in 30 seconds:

  1. Sign in to Nemo
  2. Click “Import issues” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Authorize integration with the secure OAuth flow
  4. Copy or write the JQL query for the issues you want to work with in Nemo
  5. You’re done!

See our docs for details

We’re just getting started, and we’d love to hear how else we can help you work with (or around!) Jira—drop us a line at info@whynemo.com.

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